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medicare advantage open enrollment

What Changes Can I Make to My Medicare Advantage Plan During Open Enrollment?

Medicare’s Open Enrollment Period gives anyone currently enrolled in a Medicare Advantage Plan — or those considering one — an opportunity to evaluate their current coverage, change their current coverage, or enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan. While this valuable time period allows individuals enrolled in Medicare Part D (Prescription Drug Coverage) to update their…

do i need medicare part d

Do I Need a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan?

Medicare Part D — also known as Medicare drug coverage or Medicare prescription drug plans — helps cover the cost of prescription drugs. Part D plans are provided through private insurance companies, but are government-regulated and work with existing Medicare coverage. One of the benefits of enrolling in Part D coverage is these plans may…

Part D

What Changes Can I Make to My Prescription Drug (Part D) Plan During Open Enrollment?

Medicare’s Open Enrollment Period — also called the Annual Enrollment or the Annual Election Period — runs each year from October 15 to December 7. During this time period, beneficiaries enrolled in a Medicare Advantage or Medicare Part D plan can evaluate, compare and switch their plans, if desired. With a variety of options  available,…

Doctor reading chart

Do All Hospitals Accept Medicare?

At some point in their lives, everyone needs hospital care. It’s important to know the ins and outs of Medicare so that you understand the hospital coverage and benefits you receive as a Medicare beneficiary. Not all hospitals accept Medicare, but luckily, the vast majority of hospitals do. Because there are a few exceptions nationwide,…

What is Medicare Supplement?

What is Medicare Supplement Insurance?

Original Medicare doesn’t cover all of the health care services that you may need. In order to stay healthy and avoid unexpected out-of-pocket costs, you may want to consider Medicare Supplement Insurance. Read on to learn more about Medicare Supplement Insurance, including how it works, what it covers, and the recommended time to enroll. What…

Figuring out Medicare Advantage

A simplified guide to Medicare Advantage plans and enrollment

If you’ve been shopping for Medicare plans, you’ve probably heard about Medicare Advantage plans. You might have questions about what these plans are and how they’re different from other Medicare plans. This guide will help you understand what Medicare Advantage plans offer and how you can enroll. We’ll also answer questions about how to manage…

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