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Medicare Part D Basics – Get to know your drug plan

What is Medicare Part D? Part D is Medicare’s prescription drug program and was designed to help cover the costs of prescriptions. It was introduced in 2003 as part of the Medicare Modernization Act and was officially available to the public in 2006. Medicare Part D includes a variety of drug plans, each covering its…


What happens if you don’t renew a Medicare plan?

Whether you deal with a chronic condition or you simply want to ensure that your future health care needs are met at the lowest possible cost, Medicare provides peace of mind for all beneficiaries. But what happens if you forget to renew your plan? Most Medicare Plans Renew Automatically Good news! Medicare plans typically renew…


Is Medicare Advantage better than Traditional Medicare?

People over the age of 65 often depend on Medicare to provide health insurance for the medications, medical experts, and treatments they require.  Typically, those who collect Social Security benefits are automatically enrolled in a Medicare plan unless they choose to delay enrollment. There are two paths that new enrollees can take: 1) sign up…


Do Doctors prefer HMO or PPO?

Medicare Advantage Insurance Plans are offered by private insurance companies and cover both hospital visits and doctor visits, among other benefits. Because they are offered by private insurance companies, Medicare Advantage plans use provider networks such as HMOs and PPOs, unlike the traditional network-less Medicare plans. So which kind of network do doctors prefer? Truthfully,…

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When should I buy Medicare Supplement Insurance?

If you think that you’ll need Medicare Supplement Insurance to go alongside Medicare, then you should consider purchasing it when your Medicare Supplement Insurance open enrollment time arrives. This period automatically starts the month you’re 65 and enrolled in Medicare Part B (Medical Insurance) and lasts for 6 months. During this time, an insurance company…

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