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What Costs Should I Expect in Retirement and How Can I Reduce Them?

Steps you can take to reduce retirement costs Retirees spend an average of $3,800 per month on living expenses. From housing and transportation to medicine and groceries, costs can add up very quickly. This guide will help you understand what costs you can expect in retirement and tips for reducing them. 1. Housing Although housing…

Get health coverage with low Medicare Advantage premiums.

Can Medicare Advantage plans have $0 premiums for some people?

When you start to look at Medicare enrollment options, the whole process may seem expensive and confusing. You might be shocked to learn that some Medicare Advantage plans have no monthly premium, depending upon eligibility. That’s right — some of the Medicare Advantage medical plans have a $0 monthly plan premium! These plans may even…

When can you get Medicare?

When can you get Medicare?

As you enter your mid-sixties, you’ll notice a change. Mail will start to arrive, emails will hit your inbox, and your internet ads will start to be about the same topic: Medicare. While you’re likely familiar with the generalities of Medicare, you probably don’t know the deep details (and no one will blame you for…

Downsizing in retirement

Downsizing Tips for Retirees

As you approach retirement, you might be interested in downsizing. Let’s take a look at the benefits, what it means for you and your family, and some tips to help you get started. What is downsizing? Generally, downsizing means selling your large family home in order to move to a smaller one. For example, you…

Does Medicare cover prescriptions?

Does Medicare cover prescriptions?

Prescription drugs are an integral part of health care. If you don’t have insurance coverage for them, they can also end up being the most expensive. If you’re on Medicare, you might be wondering how your prescriptions are covered by the plan. This guide will walk you through which prescriptions are covered by which parts…

Is Medicare mandatory?

Is Medicare mandatory?

If you’re in your early 60s, you’re probably starting to hear a lot about signing up for Medicare. You might be wondering if Medicare is required, and you might have questions about your options. This guide will help you understand if Medicare is required for you. We’ll cover situations where it is strictly required and…

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