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person using phone to enable wi-fi calling

Lost Connection? How to Enable Wi-Fi Calling

Losing cell service can be frustrating, especially when we rely on our smartphones to stay connected. Often, losing cell service is not even due to your own fault, as there are sometimes nationwide outages based on providers. But fear not, there’s a solution that can keep you connected even without cell service. In this article,…

healthy man smiling in gym after senior fitness test

What Is The Senior Fitness Test?

If you’ve ever wondered if difficulty rising from a couch or shortness of breath after a walk to the mailbox means you lack fitness, there’s a simple test – the Senior Fitness Test – that can tell you.  Many older adults are deficient in an important aspect of wellness experts call “power,” referring to the…

older woman working out in a home gym for seniors

How To Build The Best Home Gym For Seniors

If it’s true that investing in one’s health is money spent wisely, then a well-equipped home gym for seniors must be a smart investment and a great value. Regular exercise – at least 30 minutes a day, five days a week – confers multiple physical and mental benefits on older adults, including brain, cardio-pulmonary, and…

women working out on exercise bikes using medicare gym memberships

Fitness Benefits & Medicare: What to Know About Medicare Gym Memberships

Staying physically active is essential to maintaining our health and overall well-being as we age. Medicare, the federal health insurance program primarily designed for individuals age 65 and older, recognizes the importance of regular exercise in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. In this article, we explore information about Medicare gym memberships, providing insights into popular fitness…

Pensive man

How Many Medicare Advantage Plans Are There?

Over recent years, Medicare Advantage (Part C) plans are becoming an increasingly popular option for Medicare beneficiaries. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, 48% of eligible Medicare beneficiaries were enrolled in these plans as of 2022. That popularity has resulted in continued increases in the number of Medicare Advantage plans available to Medicare beneficiaries –…

Happy man at laptop

Who Qualifies for Medicare Advantage Plans?

If you’ve been browsing through Medicare plans, you’ve probably heard about Medicare Advantage plans. You might be wondering who qualifies for Medicare Advantage plans and whether these increasingly popular plans would suit your health care needs. In this guide, we’ll help you understand if you’re eligible for a Medicare Advantage plan. We’ll also give you…

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