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Medicare Open Enrollment Period Basics

There are various Medicare enrollment periods throughout the year each with its own purpose and benefits. The Medicare Open Enrollment Period (OEP), which lasts from Oct. 15 through Dec. 7 each year, is the most widely used enrollment period to enroll in, make changes to, or dis-enroll from Medicare Advantage (Medicare Part C) and Prescription…

medicare advantage open enrollment

Understanding Medicare Income Limits and Cost-Saving Programs

Medicare is a vital healthcare program that provides coverage for millions of individuals in the United States. However, the costs associated with Medicare can vary based on your income level. In this article, we will explain the Medicare income limits and how they impact the premiums for Medicare Part B and Part D. Additionally, we…


Five Things To Know About Medicare Advantage Networks

Networks are often a confusing topic for beneficiaries of any type of insurance. When it comes to Medicare, one of the more popular options is Medicare Advantage (Part C). Unlike Original Medicare (Parts A & B), the private insurers that offer Medicare Advantage plans contract with health provider networks. This can result in cost savings…

Woman calculating Medicare Costs with a calculator.

When Should I Change My Medicare Plan?

Changing your health insurance coverage, particularly with Medicare, can seem overwhelming due to the variety of plan types available. These range from Original Medicare to Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement, each with distinct costs, benefits, and coverage levels. However, if you’re thinking of switching your Medicare plan, there are several key factors to consider before…

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How To Prepare for Medicare’s Open Enrollment

Medicare’s Open Enrollment Period runs from Oct. 15 through Dec. 7, giving Medicare-eligible beneficiaries the ability to make changes to, or enroll in, a Medicare Advantage plan or a stand-alone prescription drug plan (Medicare Part D). While Dec. 7 is the end of this period — also called the Annual Enrollment Period or Annual Enrollment…

medicare advantage open enrollment

What Changes Can I Make to My Medicare Advantage Plan During Open Enrollment?

Medicare’s Open Enrollment Period gives anyone currently enrolled in a Medicare Advantage Plan — or those considering one — an opportunity to evaluate their current coverage, change their current coverage, or enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan. While this valuable time period allows individuals enrolled in Medicare Part D (Prescription Drug Coverage) to update their…

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